[Simply K-Pop] Ep.408 – KANGDANIEL, KISUM, Jung Dong Ha, HighSchool, FAVORITE

1. Episode(에피소드) ‘Open My Door(열어줘)’


3. HighSchool(여고생) ‘Timing’

4. Alexa(알렉사) ‘Do Or Die’

5. About U(어바우츄) ‘Who took my candy(내 사탕 누가 먹었어)’

6. HONG EUN KI(홍은기) ‘Breath(숨)’

7. FAVORITE(페이버릿) ‘LIE(또 LIE)’

8. Cheon Danbi(천단비) ‘Stupid(못난이)’

9. KISUM(키썸) ‘Primero(1위)’

10. DONGKIZ(동키즈) ‘LUPIN’

11. Yezi(예지) ‘HOME’

12. Jung Dong Ha(정동하) ‘Stay With Me(그대 밖은 위험해)’

13. KANGDANIE(강다니엘) ‘Jealous’

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