September K-pop comebacks and debuts to anticipate

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There's some big names coming this month!

We might be halfway through September but the month is just getting started judging by some of the new releases that are on the way.

Check out who’ll be making a comeback this month and mark it in your calendar!

September 16

SEVENTEEN release new album An Ode, while girl group ANS make their debut with the song “Boom Boom”.

September 17

Another newbie girl group, this time 3YE, make their comeback with “OOMM (Out of My Mind)”.

September 18

Girl group DREAMCATCHER who were recently in Australia, are releasing a special mini album titled Raid of Dream that’s a collab with mobile game King’s Raid.

New boy group TEEN TEEN will make their debut (they’ve got some familiar faces for Produce x 101 fans).

September 19

VIXX will release special digital single “Parallel”, while girl groups LABOUM and SATURDAY both return with new music.

K-Tigers Zero will make their debut with a mini-album too.

September 22

Speaking of co-ed groups, KARD return with single “Dumb Litty”, produced by member BM.

September 23

It’s a big day, TWICE are back! This time with the mini album Feel Special

Jessi will also make her comeback with a new single. It’ll be the rapper’s first release since signing with P Nation.

September 25

Sibling duo Akdong Musician will be back with a full album, SAILING.


September 30

Super talented rookie boy group ONEUS will return with a new mini-album, Fly With Us.

Who’s comeback are you most excited for?


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