[SBS Star] YUJU Suggests Which Type of Meat to Have Depending on Your Level of Hunger

YUJU of K-pop girl group GFRIEND said she applies some strict rules to herself when eating meat.

Recently, MOMO X and KBS unveiled an episode of YUJU on their online show ‘MOMO Book Store’.

In this episode, YUJU shared her thoughts and stories on various topics.

While on the topic about food, YUJU said, “I have my own rules when going out to eat meat at a restaurant.”


YUJU explained, “I go to a beef barbecue restaurant when I’m extremely hungry. This is because beef doesn’t take long to cook, so I can get a bite of it only after a short while.”

She went on to talk about pork, “I go to a pork barbecue restaurant when I feel like I can bear hunger a bit longer.”


Then, YUJU asked, “Do you know where I go when I think I can stay hungry for a lot longer?”

She “I go to a dak-galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken) restaurant. Dak-galbi honestly takes forever to cook! You should go to a dak-galbi restaurant only when you are okay to wait for very long without food.”


After watching this episode, fans commented, “She seems to know what exactly she’s talking about. I totally agree!”, “That makes sense. I might try her tip the next time I get hungry.”, “So smart! Yeah, I tend to do the same thing when I feel like eating meat.”, and more.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND is planning on releasing its second full album ‘Time for us’ on January 14.

(Lee Narin, Credit= ‘GFRIEND’ NAVER V LIVE)

(SBS Star)  

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