[SBS Star] TXT YEONJUN Struggles to Copy BEOMGYU's Way of Making a Heart

K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)’s member YEONJUN was spotted struggling to copy the group’s fellow member BEOMGYU’s way of making a heart.

Since debut, BEOMGYU has been promoting his unique way of making a heart.

His heart was different from the conventional way of making a heart, and fans called it ‘BEOMGYU’s heart’.

BEOMGYU’s heart was surely one creative heart, and looked hard to even try to copy it.


On March 9, TXT’s mini fan meeting took place at Sangam-dong, Seoul, and this was where YEONJUN decided to try making BEOMGYU’s heart.

At first, YEONJUN asked BEOMGYU for some help and BEOMGYU kindly taught him how to make it.


YEONJUN succeeded it but with much difficulty, then he had a go by himself.

As soon as YEONJUN started making it, he frowned in confusion and his lips stuck out, as he was too focused.

Moments later, YEONJUN smiled after being successful, and fans just could not stop laughing seeing YEONJUN undergo trial and error.


Meanwhile, TXT’s debut album ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’ was unveiled on March 4 and its title track ‘CROWN’ is currently sweeping various music charts around the globe.

(Lee Narin, Credit= ‘Daylily0304’ ‘TESORO’ ‘fruityb313’ ‘eternity_soojun’ Twitter, Online Community)

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