[SBS Star] BTS' ARMY in Search for 'ARMYPEDIA' Clues Worldwide!

K-pop boy group BTS has prepared a fun scavenger hunt for its fans―ARMY.

On February 22, fans discovered a new website called ‘ARMYPEDIA’ that is described as “the digital archive of all things BTS, made by ARMY.”


For a month starting on February 25, ARMYs around the world have to find 2,080 puzzle pieces scattered all over the world and throughout the internet to complete ‘ARMYPEDIA’.

Each puzzle piece has a QR code and it corresponds to a date in BTS and ARMY’s history.


Once fans scan the QR code and answer the quiz about BTS, that date will be unlocked.

After they unlocked the puzzle piece, anyone can upload something about BTS that is related to the exact date.


Once ARMY has unlocked all dates, ‘ARMYPEDIA’ will be completed and special rewards will be given to them depending on their participation levels.


Big Hit Entertainment has not announced any statement regarding ‘ARMYPEDIA’, but the agency has already applied for a copyright for the website logo.

Are you ready to

take part


(Credit= ARMYPEDIA, Online Community, Big Hit Entertainment)

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