“Please give us your K-Quarantine tips” Nations everywhere send requests / YTN NEWS

Nations around the world are taking Korea as an example for quarantining, calling it "K-Quarantine," and requesting that we share tips.

Video conferences and web seminars are held, and professionals are even being dispatched.

We will now have Reporter Jang Ah-yeong.

This is El Dorado International Airport of Bogota, Colombia that is closed down due to border blockades.

To reopen its doors, Colombia’s government has requested advice from Incheon Airport.

Over 70 government officials gathered for a video conference to learn about Korea’s tips, such as special entry procedure and quarantine apps.

There have been no cases among the 77,000 workers at Incheon Airport, showing their exemplary measures.

[Kim Yeong-man / Head of Government Quarantine Support (April 29th) / We will now explain how Incheon Airport organized groups for quarantine and proceeded with the special quarantine procedures.]

Web seminar is another platform for sharing K-Quarantine.

There have been three web seminars just last month.

At the first seminar, ministers of the Department of Health from over 75 countries, including the US and Russia, participated.

There were also over 1,000 participants who got connected with the seminars for Central and South America and ASEAN nations.

Uzbekistan, who has a quarantine agreement with Korea, has had a professional dispatched directly to their nation.

Following Professor Choi Jae-wook, Professor Yoon Seung-zoo headed to Uzbekistan to provide direct consultation.

[Mahmutovic Nizamof / Head Secretary of Uzbekistan Department of Health : During his stay, Mr. Choi prepared a recommendation, taking into account the situation in Uzbekistan, and adopting the policy of Korea to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the realities of my country.]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created "New International Cooperation TF" to deal with trans-border security of sanitation and focus on infectious diseases in developing countries.

This has been Jang Ah-yeong of YTN.

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