My new house tour✨ 나의 새로운 집을 소개합니다

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Hello everyone!
It’s the clip showing my new place, which you’ve been waiting for
I really love it and its neighborhood
I feel like getting a lot of beautiful shots of this home soon


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?제가 쓴 책 두 권이 새로 나왔습니다!

여행 에세이
‘낯선 일상을 찾아, 틈만 나면 걸었다’

브이로그 제작 실용서
‘슛뚜의 감성 브이로그’

✨ info :
Bedding – collingwood
Curtain – collingwood
Bed – IKEA
Hanger – IKEA
Desk – IKEA
Pajama – MUJI
Robot vacuum – Xiaomi
Air purifier – Xiaomi

All the other items were mainly purchased from Korean brands!

? Instagram : @sueddu
? Contact :

? Camera : Canon Eos R iphone Xs
? Lens : RF 24-105 L / RF 35mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM
? Editing program : Adobe Premier Pro CC / New imac

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