[Mukbang] 4000번(?)저어서 만드는 달고나 커피☕ 도전! (Feat. 만보기) Dalgona Coffee ASMR Eatingsound Ssoyoung

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달고나는 설탕을 불에 녹여서 만든 간식이에요!
저도 어렸을때 자주 먹었던 간식이라, 아마 한국분들은 많이 아실거에요!
벽돌모양의 달고나에! 달고나 커피를 직! 접! 만들어 먹어보았어요!!
누구냐…?달고나커피 만든사람……
저 팔 빠질뻔했습니다……….
400번 저어도 만들수 있다고 말한사람 누구얏….!!!!
양에 따라 다르겠지만 저같은경우는 3070번 저어 만들었습니다….
다 만들고 나니까 이마에서 땀이 나더라구요..머리는 귀신이 되었구요,ㅎㅎㅎ
하지만 제가 누구입니까?! 쏘영 아닙니까!!!!
사랑하는 구독자분들이 지켜보는데 실패란없다!!!
그맛은 과연……? 지금 말안할래~~
영상에서 제가 맛표현 했으니까요! 끝까지 지켜봐주세요!!!
집에서 진짜 심심하신분들!!!!! 무조건 해보세요 시간이 훌쩍 간답니다!!!!!
맛있고 힘든(?) 달고나 커피 만드는레시피는 쉬우니까 ^^;;;;
노동력을 보태서 만들어보시는건 어때요?!!!!!!!
오늘도 제 노동(?)영상을 시청해주셔서 감사합니다!!❤

Dalgona is made with sugar and soda melted together!
I used to eat it when I was young as a snack.
Many people in Korea would know what it is!
Brick shape Dalgona! I tried making a Dalgona coffee myself!
Who created this coffee? I almost lost my arm.
You have whip it more than 400 times!
Who said that it can be done by whipping it for 400 times?
It could be different depends on how much coffee you put
but I had to whip it about 3070 times to actually make it.
I was sweating after making this coffee and my hair got messy.
But guess who I am! I’m Ssoyoung!
I will never disappoint my subscribers! What would it taste like?
I won’t explain it here but watch the video to find out!
One thing I can tell you guys is that, if you are bored try making this coffee!
Then, time will fly very quick!
The recipe is not complicated at all but it just requires your labor. Why don’t you guys try it?
Thank you guys for watching my video(and hard work) again!

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