K-pop trends we want to see in 2019

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Let's predict the year to come!

2018 is almost over and K-pop has given us so much: tropical house for days, mullets, the shoot dance ad nauseum… so what will 2019 bring?

Here’s the trends we want to see take over K-pop in 2019.

1. More retro vibes

There’s already been hints of 80s synths coming through on songs like Yubin‘s “Thank You Soooo Much” and Day6‘s “Days Gone By” and we want more of it in 2019!

2. More acapella breakdowns in songs

That bit in EXO‘s “Tempo” where the music cuts away and it’s pure vocal bliss? Yes, give us more of that til infinity.

3. More K-pop/J-pop crossovers

Considering what a massive success IZ*ONE have been with their debut, can we get some more cool J-pop and K-pop combinations? How about some boy groups next?

4. More K R&B and pop collaborations

EXO Baekhyun‘s collab with Loco was a bop, as was Woodie Gochild with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa on “Cotton Candy” and ZICO producing Wanna One‘s Triple Position sub-unit. We want to see more Korean hip-hop producers bringing their skills over to the K-pop side.

5. Girl groups going full business

EXID‘s “I Love You” red pantsuits and CLC‘s slick “Black Dress” suits are our inspiration for this one. We’d love to see more girl groups going full girl boss in 2019.

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6. More dark concepts

2018 was the year of bright and bubbly electronic and house pop. We’re keen to see more groups trying out Dreamcatcher‘s style of dark music. Either that or VIXX make a comeback reminiscent of their “Fantasy” era, we’ll take either.

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7. Mullets dying their final death

Some people can really make the mullet work – looking at you GOT7‘s JB – but so many people can’t. And we just really want it to stop now. Please, no more mullets in 2019.

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8. More Australian tours

Is this a trend technically? We don’t care, we just want all the groups to come hang out in Australia and play shows to their fans. And visit PopAsia of course!

What trends do you want to see in 2019?


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