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BTS wrapped up their world stadium tour in Seoul in October. Those Jamsil Stadium concerts were the finale of the K-pop sensation’s tour that had taken them to ten cities around the globe for six months. An economic analysis showed that BTS’s last concert in Seoul created nearly as much economic gains as the PyeongChang Winter Olympics did in early 2018.
After making a spectacular opening in the United States they moved on to every artist’s dream stage, Wembley Stadium in England and then to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to become the first foreign artist to perform an exclusive stadium concert there.
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The grand finale of the BTS world tour was held in Seoul. The K-pop megastars held three finale concerts at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul in October. It is estimated that roughly 100,000 foreigners came to Korea during that time. That number includes 23,000 foreign fans who came solely to see the concerts and their companions. The analysis also showed that publicity stemming from BTS concerts drew some 87,000 foreigners to Korea. That means more than 180,000 foreigners visited Korea to see the group’s Seoul concerts. Roughly 280,000 foreign visitors came to Korea during the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in 2018. That event had a staggering multi-billion-won budget for publicity. But BTS attracted 180,000 foreign visitors, equal to 67 percent of all foreign spectators at the Olympics, with just three concerts. The monetary value of those foreign spectators can be translated to nearly one trillion won. It is estimated that Korea gained 330 billion won in direct economic effects from ticket sales and accommodations for foreign spectators and over 592 billion won in indirect effects, such as return visits to Korea and additional tourism demands.
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