Jackson Wang wins defamation lawsuit, donates money to charity

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The person was fined 60,000 Yuan

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang has won a defamation case over the right to reputation against an anti-fan’s Weibo comments.

According to the case announcement from Jackson’s law firm, internet user Zhang_Xuan made over 10 Weibo posts through their account where they insulted and libeled the idol, with content that was “extremely malicious, filthy and contains obvious disparaging sentiments to the character of a person”.

The court ruled in Jackson’s favour, saying the Weibo user’s online comments were sufficient to cause damage to Jackson’s reputation in society and that the defendant must apologise and pay compensation for losses and emotional distress damage.

Zhang_Xuan was made to post a written apology to their Weibo account and pay Jackson 60,000 Yuan. Jackson stated that he would be donating the compensation money to charity.

You can read a full translation of the case announcement below.


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